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Toxic Toy Guide Lists Chemicals Found in Hundreds of Toys

Just in time for the holidays, http://www.healthytoys.org released its list of the worst toys to buy for children, finding that one in every three of the 1500 products tested contained unacceptable levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, or arsenic, with children’s jewelry found to be the most contaminated category.

“There is simply no place for toxic chemicals in children’s toys,” said Ecology Center’s Jeff Gearhart, who led the research.

Find out how your children’s toys ranked here:  http://www.healthytoys.org/product.using.php

If you don’t find the toy you are looking for, you can nominate it.  They will test the most requested toys.

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Jewelry store owner adapts to market conditions

How one retailer survives in uncertain economic conditions.

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