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You, sculpted in precious metals and gems – Springwise

In these days of economic gloom and doom, it’s nice to know that some people have money!  (I just wish it was me!)

A service called You Look Like a Million Dollars, offered by legendary sculptors Wrightson & Platt, is accepting commissions to recreate you,  your loved ones, or whomever you choose,  in precious metals, bronze and glass, with personally significant items added and embellished with gems.

The first sculpture is that of a nine-year-old boy named Ben:


Ben with iPod. Photo by Richard Riddick

For information about how you, too, can be memorialized in this way, visit their website, http://www.youlooklikeamilliondollars.com.  For more of the work of these remarkable artists, see their website, http://www.wrightsonandplatt.com.

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